Author: Leila Johnston

Get interested in money

Money should never be a surprise. Thinking about money differently can ease some of the anxieties around work, what we’re worth and why we’re paid what we are. Working out the flow that money takes to get to you is often time well spent. I find this one really helpful when it comes to difficult […]

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The truth about opportunities

What if missed opportunities were never, technically, opportunities? I wrote about regret the other week. I said that being interested in things is what buys you real opportunities. Enthusiasm will get you rolling the dice more often. That’s really the only way to try out enough of life’s games to discover which ones you have a decent shot at. […]

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Take a chance on someone

The other day I did a post about not wasting time chasing up dud contacts, and briefly mentioned how the opportunities I’ve had in my career have had nothing to do with begging and chasing, but can almost entirely be traced back to people giving me chances. We are wary about giving or being given chances, perhaps […]

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How to hear yourself

In our age of blogging, selfies and podcasts, it’s surprising this doesn’t come up more often. Or is it? Take in the digital landscape on an average day, and the scene looks like a glamorous party in a fashion campaign video. All around you, people are impossibly comfortable with themselves and their ideas, sharing every thought […]

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Knowledge is everything

Skills are OK, but knowledge is gold. If you’re trying to get into a new field, or even just a new job, know your stuff. There’s a lot of chat about the value of ‘transferable skills’, and yes, it’s important to recognise those, especially at executive level. But no one talks much about relevant knowledge – expertise. […]

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Don’t be a chaser

It’s OK to give up. I give you permission to give up. Wait, don’t give up reading this – sheesh, you haven’t even heard the rest yet. Come back! I recently tweeted that I’m going to stop chasing people about work. Big words, you might think, from someone with almost no following on anything. But […]

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What if talent isn’t real?

Don’t penalise yourself, or anyone else, for lack of talent. You might think: ‘Hey! I’m an enlightened 21st century earthling, I don’t judge people!’ But listen: I think we all do this, subconsciously, all day long! Criticising people for putting visible skills and experience to work only fosters a misconception about talent that harms all of us. It also […]

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Don’t think

Here’s an idea: what if the opposite of negative thinking isn’t actually positive thinking, but rather not thinking at all? If you listen to the creativity episode of the podcast you’ll hear Sarah, who runs a successful outdoor adventure business, talking about how she has increased her courage. “I think I’ve trained myself to take risks. When I was […]

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The Importance of Gaps

Space has gone. Rampant consumerism has closed the gaps between annual occasions. We’ve created a society that never needs to miss anything, and the result is that we don’t get to look forward to anything, either. We can have whatever we want, all year round. At this time of year in the UK we have […]

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Where are you flourishing?

If you’re reading blogs like this, the chances are you’ve been spending a bit of time thinking about your shortcomings; it’s natural, and at the heart of so much self-development. But while ‘How can I improve?’ feels like a positive starting point, it will keep confronting us with our weaknesses. And that can be a downer. For […]

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