Author: Leila Johnston

Do what you always did

I’ve been putting my ideas ‘out there’ for a long time, and let me tell you, I’ve heard it all from members of the communities I work in. Apparently I’m flighty, shouty, ranty, too nice, too strange and not strange enough. I’ve been told my ideas are both too slight and too difficult. They can’t all be […]

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What’s the point of empathy?

Empathy has become one of those big business buzzwords, recently. The idea that managers should be emotionally in touch with their staff, that human connections are a better guide than paperwork, feels quite new and modern. Why are we hearing so much about it? Is it an inevitable by-product of our millennial-minded caring, sharing (often […]

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Why be creative?

The idea, at least of thinking creatively, has become an uncontroversially positive thing to aspire to. It’s a newly-recognised business skill, considered useful (as you’ll hear in the forthcoming episodes of my podcast) for problem-solving. Since it seems to be about seeing things in a new way, it’s also linked to its buzzword cousin, empathy — putting ourselves […]

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Motivation and systems

It feels particularly hard to get going on things at the moment. We live in extremely unstable times, and there is more competition for our attention than ever. We must push on… but how? Even at the best of times, motivating yourself to do something can be an emotionally messy process – an opportunity for you to beat […]

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Budget for emotional contingencies

We live in an era of positive thinking, and it’s getting me down. I mentioned Nathan Geering in the post about fear. He’s a choreographer who works with accessibility, and I was lucky enough to interview him on my podcast this summer. Nathan has accomplished many wonderful things: he has travelled the world as a dancer, choreographer and innovator bringing […]

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Making friends with fear

A number of the people I’ve had on the Hack Circus podcast this summer have talked about fear. For accessibility innovator Nathan Geering, fear is the Universe’s way of directing us to a place we can grow. Fear is just a sense, like any other — not something to be particularly trusted or particularly avoided. But, for Nathan, […]

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