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Do One More

Three days left of January, and some UK places (not Sheffield) have got a lot of snow today. Annual motivation levels, I’m willing to bet, are probably as low as they’re ever going to get. The Frozen movies contain much wisdom, and if you’ve seen the latest one, or have attended a children’s party recently, […]

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Don’t think

Here’s an idea: what if the opposite of negative thinking isn’t actually positive thinking, but rather not thinking at all? If you listen to the creativity episode of the podcast you’ll hear Sarah, who runs a successful outdoor adventure business, talking about how she has increased her courage. “I think I’ve trained myself to take risks. When I was […]

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Why nice people finish first

Do nice guys (people) finish last? You might not be surprised to learn there’s a Wikipedia page all about this, almost certainly written by some really nice people. The Jordan Petersons of this world make a strong case that agreeableness is detrimental to success at work — after all, if you’re a rudderless doormat and don’t work for […]

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But have you asked?

We don’t like asking for stuff. Perhaps we think that if one asks for something, it means one can’t get it any other way. I think this is one of the misconceptions about pay rises. I’ve asked for a rise just once in my career, because I felt my salary was too low for what […]

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Handling rejection: is the tiger real?

Rejection is the universal price of doing valuable work. Everyone attempting meaningful change has confronted it in the course of their efforts. From rallying support behind a new creative endeavour to seeking a better job, we’ve all skimmed emails and letters, looking for the slammed door of an ‘unfortunately…’ It almost always hurts, but it hits hardest […]

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Do what you always did

I’ve been putting my ideas ‘out there’ for a long time, and let me tell you, I’ve heard it all from members of the communities I work in. Apparently I’m flighty, shouty, ranty, too nice, too strange and not strange enough. I’ve been told my ideas are both too slight and too difficult. They can’t all be […]

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Making friends with fear

A number of the people I’ve had on the Hack Circus podcast this summer have talked about fear. For accessibility innovator Nathan Geering, fear is the Universe’s way of directing us to a place we can grow. Fear is just a sense, like any other — not something to be particularly trusted or particularly avoided. But, for Nathan, […]

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