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Do One More

Three days left of January, and some UK places (not Sheffield) have got a lot of snow today. Annual motivation levels, I’m willing to bet, are probably as low as they’re ever going to get. The Frozen movies contain much wisdom, and if you’ve seen the latest one, or have attended a children’s party recently, […]

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Making habits count

Look, it’s still January. We’re still only a few weeks into 2020, really. There’s loads of time to build healthier habits – but you will need to try to do something every day. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be something big. Actually, some think it shouldn’t be, to start with. There’s even a book about improving […]

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You only need one habit

I’m a big believer in habits now, but I’ve only come around to it recently. I started to see the power of it when I began working with dancers, and of course, like you, I’ve heard every self-help guru go on about habit-forming for years. If you’re new to habit-chat, welcome! The basic idea is that you spend […]

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Don’t play the lottery

Success isn’t an end point, it’s enjoying the grind. You’ve heard me say this before. You’ve probably heard your favourite guru say it. But it’s never an easy pill to swallow, this idea that you should be loving the rough bits. I’m not sure you have to love it, but you definitely have to commit to it, and […]

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Permission to dream

I have a theory that when you spend time on something, your subconscious (or whatever it is) becomes convinced it must be a worthwhile thing to be doing. We invest in things that are valuable, right? So surely it follows that if we’re investing in things, they must be valuable? Philosophy 101: obviously this is […]

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Don’t be grateful, be generous

It’s not exactly news that our society prizes the individual. Blame what you like: Baby Boomers, Thatcher, the digital revolution, the stock market, Trump, Millennials, the fall of the British Empire–but here we are. It seems to be entirely at odds with causes like environmentalism (which explains how bad things have got) and at its […]

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