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Do One More

Three days left of January, and some UK places (not Sheffield) have got a lot of snow today. Annual motivation levels, I’m willing to bet, are probably as low as they’re ever going to get. The Frozen movies contain much wisdom, and if you’ve seen the latest one, or have attended a children’s party recently, […]

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Don’t think

Here’s an idea: what if the opposite of negative thinking isn’t actually positive thinking, but rather not thinking at all? If you listen to the creativity episode of the podcast you’ll hear Sarah, who runs a successful outdoor adventure business, talking about how she has increased her courage. “I think I’ve trained myself to take risks. When I was […]

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The dance is between the steps

I once listened to a famous choreographer talking to the dancers he was working with. The dance isn’t the steps. Stop focussing on the steps. The dance is what happens between the steps. Self-development is a hugely successful industry for many reasons – but perhaps one particularly pertinent to this. I’ve often thought that the main thing […]

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Recession-proof yourself

I’ve heard whispers a recession is coming. And not just in the UK: it sounds like might well be a global one. A recession generally means everyone’s spending less, buying less, and paying their staff less. Intensely creative people can have enough trouble making enough money during fruitful economic periods, right? It doesn’t sound like great news. Trying to look on the […]

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The truth about cooperation

Stage fright is usually cast as an irrational fear of the mob. The audience are the intimidating thing — a sea of faces triggering a fairly primal fight or flight response. But for performers without audiences, like TV actors, fear of performing means something else, something closer to the fear we might face every time we try […]

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Don’t be grateful, be generous

It’s not exactly news that our society prizes the individual. Blame what you like: Baby Boomers, Thatcher, the digital revolution, the stock market, Trump, Millennials, the fall of the British Empire–but here we are. It seems to be entirely at odds with causes like environmentalism (which explains how bad things have got) and at its […]

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The illusion of mission

There’s nothing wrong with having a direction, holding strong opinions, or whatever else we’re taking ‘mission’ to mean, these days. But a personal mission statement, in itself, is not the shortcut to success it’s made out to be. Missions are really useful in business design, maybe that’s how they started creeping into self-development repertoire. And […]

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How (not) to measure personal growth

The personal development industry is a lot like its cousin, the weight loss industry. It does well because it never quite solves the problem. The real work is left to you, and as soon as you think you’re getting somewhere, the goalposts move. Sure, you’re thin, but are you toned? Maybe you’re thin and toned, but are […]

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