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Passion isn’t everything

Does it matter if you don’t have a passion? What does it even mean to have one? Is passion one of those ‘if you have to ask…’ things? I know quite a few successful artists. The definition of a successful artist, I think, isn’t a rich and famous one, but one who really enjoys what […]

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Cures for self-interrupting

Those of us with a fitness YouTube habit know the fundamental truth of getting painful stuff over with: it goes quicker if you don’t pause it. Self-interrupting is an enormous issue for me — and therefore, I can only assume, for others. The only way I can get through anything without opening a different device, […]

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Where are you flourishing?

If you’re reading blogs like this, the chances are you’ve been spending a bit of time thinking about your shortcomings; it’s natural, and at the heart of so much self-development. But while ‘How can I improve?’ feels like a positive starting point, it will keep confronting us with our weaknesses. And that can be a downer. For […]

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Your audience reflects your self-worth

How many times have you heard this: “If you don’t love/value/[insert term here] yourself, how can you expect others to love/value/etc you?” I always thought it was rubbish, to be honest. I didn’t follow the logic, and experience has shown me that it’s perfectly possible – indeed often much easier – to care about people […]

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