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Passion isn’t everything

Does it matter if you don’t have a passion? What does it even mean to have one? Is passion one of those ‘if you have to ask…’ things? I know quite a few successful artists. The definition of a successful artist, I think, isn’t a rich and famous one, but one who really enjoys what […]

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Cures for self-interrupting

Those of us with a fitness YouTube habit know the fundamental truth of getting painful stuff over with: it goes quicker if you don’t pause it. Self-interrupting is an enormous issue for me — and therefore, I can only assume, for others. The only way I can get through anything without opening a different device, […]

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Lean Out

When I saw this tweet yesterday, I immediately knew what I was going to write about today: Click on it and read the thread underneath. It’s not really about perfectionism, it’s about power. Here’s one that struck a particular chord with me: It’s a kind of genius, isn’t it? All this time we spend trying […]

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Making habits count

Look, it’s still January. We’re still only a few weeks into 2020, really. There’s loads of time to build healthier habits – but you will need to try to do something every day. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be something big. Actually, some think it shouldn’t be, to start with. There’s even a book about improving […]

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Stop starting things

OK, it’s January, the month of beginnings. The month for beginning your health kick, your new notebook, your new era of personal growth, your… tax return. But isn’t January, in fact, named after the two-faced god? Janus is the beginning and the end (and the doorway ‘twixt the two!) Janus has insight in both directions, and, at this time of […]

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New Year Motivation

I know, I know, we’re past halfway through January now, but it’s still a fresh year in my book. In fact the average day for giving up New Year’s resolutions is the 19th of January, so if you make it past the weekend you’re ahead of most.  I have terrible problems with motivation. It’s one of the […]

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Get interested in money

Money should never be a surprise. Thinking about money differently can ease some of the anxieties around work, what we’re worth and why we’re paid what we are. Working out the flow that money takes to get to you is often time well spent. I find this one really helpful when it comes to difficult […]

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Take a chance on someone

The other day I did a post about not wasting time chasing up dud contacts, and briefly mentioned how the opportunities I’ve had in my career have had nothing to do with begging and chasing, but can almost entirely be traced back to people giving me chances. We are wary about giving or being given chances, perhaps […]

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How to hear yourself

In our age of blogging, selfies and podcasts, it’s surprising this doesn’t come up more often. Or is it? Take in the digital landscape on an average day, and the scene looks like a glamorous party in a fashion campaign video. All around you, people are impossibly comfortable with themselves and their ideas, sharing every thought […]

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Don’t think

Here’s an idea: what if the opposite of negative thinking isn’t actually positive thinking, but rather not thinking at all? If you listen to the creativity episode of the podcast you’ll hear Sarah, who runs a successful outdoor adventure business, talking about how she has increased her courage. “I think I’ve trained myself to take risks. When I was […]

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